Windfall tree clearing at Nine Mile Saturday Dec.16

There’s a report of trees down on Nine Mile after Monday’s wind storm. We’re going to plan a work day for this Saturday to do some tree clearing. Meeting at Nine Mile in the parking lot at 9:30am. We’re planning to mountain bike the trail with chainsaws. Extra saws and hands to move tree debris would be welcome!

We have a volunteer planning to ride the trail today, so looking forward to a report on how many trees are down. If there aren’t many down, and we get the trail cleared before Satuday, we’ll still do a work day, but switch to other tasks.


I can maybe help on Saturday, if I can make it I will bring a sawzall


Thanks @Chrisk !

A volunteer cleared the main trail and new trail through to Dipper Lake, which is awesome!

Work Day still on tomorrow - We’ll ride out to the Hemlock Cathedrail trail tomorrow, and then walk through to clear it.


Assuming I can make it what should I bring? I have panniers and a basket so can haul quite a lot

We should be good for tools. The only thing I can think of is work gloves, but we have extras of those too. If the extra saw would fit on your panniers/rack, that could help.

Sorry, I slept in so I can’t make it

Ok. No prob. Hope to see you on trail another time.

For sure

Hemlock Cathedral (and the whole of Nine Mile) now clear of windfall trees.