Windsor street bike lane unofficial opening

The Windsor St bike lane is unofficially officially open! Legally, the rights conferred on a bike lane only come once the signage is up, but for the most part, the bike lane is being treated as such. We’re going to celebrate this leap forward for cycling in Halifax with a giant cake!

On your commute home from work on Monday, take the Windsor St bike lane. The HCC will be handing out cake to cyclists near the intersection of Windsor & Cunard. We’ll have merch and memberships available for sale as well.

Monday, October 21st.

4:30 - 5:30

Already 2 replies to the CH article filled with miss information and idiots. The “millions” spent on the bike lanes should have been spent elsewhere. Millions? For paint and signs? Really? Sigh.

It is rather nice, though there is an unfortunate thing in the Funeral Home right in the middle and so far the ticket people refuse to ticket parked illegally for funerals. Kind of defeats the purpose of the bike lane.