Windy Fields of Athenspry

Rode this trail system last night for the 3rd or 4th time… fun little trail network, lots of granite but a lot more foliage on the sides than say Fight trail. A little less up and down also but a real nice long downhill run too- not particularly steep or technical but long enough to get lots of speed. Definitely fun to check out if you like riding somewhere a little different. Easy access via Kidston Lake Park…

Sounds decent

Is there a decent amount of trail there? How long does the trail take?

There’s a few different routes and loops… you could easily spend a couple to three hours in there. If you just want to rip the long downhill- maybe 15 minutes to get to it, then 5 or so to go down it. There’s a cool pit located in there somewhere too… there are some basic ‘maps’ on their facebook page.

It’s no Fight Trail but it is fun for something different.