Winter 2011 Trail Conditions

Shubie Park again tonight, March 3/2011
Started from Fairbanks Center, and rode out Lake Charles extension. Got about halfway to the far entrance by the overpasses before my backup backup light died, so I turned around and came back out on my backup light.
Main trails near canal still very icy. A few bare patches where the sun gets at the trail. Studs needed.
Lake Charles extension mostly thin layer of crunchy snow. Ski tracks weren’t as bad tonight, because meltage and hiker’s footprints have smoothed them out a bit. A good ride with or without studs, but it would be tough getting in from the canal side without studs. If going rubber only, try going in at the far entrance by the overpasses and Spider Lake.

Post up trail conditions of your latest rides here.

Wrandees - Was in good shape on Sunday Jan. 16. Rode up the pipeline and back down. Not completely frozen. Water crossings in a few places, but totally rideable. Studs would help, but could probably get away without them. Also rode Rose Garden loop. Very nice shape. packed snow all the way. No studs needed. Saw Tossed Salad and Hotwheels in the parking lot. They got as far as the bridge. Beyond that they said it was not packed well.
Kentville Rail to Trail - Rode Monday evening from Ultramar to Evergreen and back. Followed another set of bike tire and cross-country ski tracks. Packed snow all the way. Singletrack a little narrow, and when I strayed off the packed line, and I bogged down, but the packed line was rideable.
If you get a chance to get out today or this evening, go for it before everything turns to mush tomorrow. Supposed to refreeze over the weekend, so we may get decent riding conditions then.

Shubie Park - Sunday Jan. 23/11
Rode from Playground at Lakeshore Park Terrace to the Lake Charles extension and trails near the canal.
Lots of Ice and some bare ground. Great conditions for studs. (Studded tires that is. )

Rode Shubie Sat evening…AWESOME!!! Yes studs are a must but it was fast and smooth. Enjoy!

Shubi is still good.
Replicator trail is good as is the main road
I hear skull is good but I have not been there yet, the rest of Spider lake has had no traffic,

which is unusual in the past there were all kinds of people snowshoeing and hiking after each snow fall

it looks like no one has been up there.

Just after my last post I headed out in search of the best trail I could find on the Halifax side of the harbour.

First I tried the trail starting in Hatchet lake that connecters to the Old Coach road
Skull calls it “Stage Coach”. It started out great but soon it became very poor with trees down and water holes. Next I tried the trails in Tantallon in the Westwood subdivision around Wrights lake, they started out Ok to good but a few K in the snow got deep and the 4-wheeler ruts became narrow, I ended up crossing the lake and cutting up through someone’s property and riding paved road back to the van.

Had lunch at the Bike and Bean then went to Jimmy’s Round top and found what I was looking for, hard packed snow and ice roads for ever about the best winter conditions I have ever rode in that area defiantly the best ride of the year so far.

Rode Rockwood Park in Saint John, Saturday Jan. 29/11
Rode main trails around Fisher Lakes and Lily Lakes. Packed snow. Much more snow than around HRM. Some trails have been plowed. Rideable without studs. Road to watertower was plowed. Didn’t do any of the backwoods trails. Looked to be snow-filled, although if the cross-country skiers and snow shoers get in there it may be rideable soon.

CyclingGirl and I rode Wrandees, Sunday Feb. 13/11
Just did a couple of loops of the Rose Garden (left side of dam). Excellent conditions. Packed snow singletrack. Rideable without studs. Go ride!

Video from Feb. 13 here: … _1036.html

Shubie, Feb.21/11 A little snow over ice. Excellent conditions. Rode from entrance near Micmac mall to Lake Charles extension (but didn’t ride down extension) and around canal and Fairbanks center. Pretty smooth in most places. Studs recommended. Wrandees, Feb.21/11 Rode pipeline loop and Rose Garden loop. Snow over ice. Smooth. Pipeline well frozen with about 3 or 4 water crossings. Studs recommended.

Shubie, March 1, 2011.
Rode trails near Fairbanks Center. Went out Lake Charles extension as far as big hill and power lines.
A few bare batches here and there. Otherwise - ice, ice, baby! Main trails are all ice. Side trails and Lake Charles extension are packed snow. Great studded tire riding. Would not go without studs, although Lake Charles extension might be doable if you come in at the far end by Spider Lake. Watch out for frozen skate ski tracks on Lake Charles extension are tricky. Tires can slide into them, taking you offline.

Trail looked like this last night:

…although slicker in a lot of places.

Last night Wrandees was mostly passable on cruncy hardpack, but Ice on the causeway, and many spots “here and there”

For more laughts, picture 4 guys on studded tires tearing things up, then me on non studded tires sliding all over the place :slight_smile: Next year STUDS. I had no idea they were so effective.

You need them. Screws are SICK on that stuff. If I new Wrandees was that primo in the winter, I would have been riding there a LOT lately. 10 minutes from home. It’s a blast in the winter.

5 mile lake was pretty cool, and cold!