Winter Adventures

With the white stuff upon us, our opportunities for outdoor cycling are certainly diminished. This is not a bad thing. This means there are opportunities for a whole bunch of fun winter adventures.


We are fortunate to have so many ski hills in the Atlantic region. From Martock, Poley, Sugarloaf, Brookvale and others most of us can take advantage of a night skiing/boarding session without much issue. The equipment to make snow is vastly improved and there are rentals available for those without the equipment.


Halifax has not been great the last couple of years, but there are definitely areas that allow for some truly memorable snowshoe adventures. Another benefit to snowshoeing is you can do it at your local park with minimal equipment. It is also a great way to beat down the trails for bike use post storm.


This can be done on anything from the flying saucer to gt racers, to the traditional wooden toboggan (waxed of course). All you need is a hill, your sled, and to dress warmly. Perfect physical entertainment for a snowy day.


Yes, you can still ride. With the proper set up you can still spin your wheels (or ski bike) in the white stuff. Traditionally, we have had trail elves who beat down the trails to provide the optimal trail conditions for riding in the HRM area. There’s also ice riding…oh yeah!


Another easy, cost affective fun activity. In Halifax, we now have the oval for free outdoor skating. We also have an abundance of lakes that once frozen can provide hours of skating. You can also grad a hockey stick, puck and pretend you’re Crosby or Gretzky. Just be sure to check the thickness of the ice!

I am hoping to make the time to do all of these things this winter at some point. I’ll post up and I welcome everyone to come out and enjoy the winter!

It’s pretty darn white out there today!

Took the cross country skis out for their first trip of the season today. Michelle and I did about 7 or 8 km with out even leaving town. Skied out our door, down the streets and sidewalks to Rerservior Park, hit the single track there (very, very fun to ski!) then headed downtown for some coffee and a snack then headed back up the hill and home.

Every one should get a pair of inexpensive old skis for busting around town on that you won’t worry about hitting rocks / curbs / pavement on. Urban cross country is awesome! You can ski on the tinniest bit of snow on roads, sidewalks, in the skate park, bike trails. every where! SO MUCH FUN!! :smiley: