Winter Edit Contest Vote

One vote per member. Entry with most votes wins.

Poll closes Sunday March 18th.

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And to the winner goes this Pedros Mini Pit Kit to keep your bike clean and operating smoothly!

Essential Bicycle Maintenance Tool Kit
Looking to keep your bike clean, adjusted, and running properly? The Mini Pit Kit provides the essential tools you need to clean your bike and make basic adjustments and repairs, all conveniently stored in a durable, portable bucket with room to add your favorite Pedro’s cleaners and lubricants. Keep it in the garage or take it on the road and keep you bike running right! Check out Pedro’s full cleaner, lube, and tool lineups for more innovative ways to keep your bike running right and turn your Mini Pit Kit into a complete maintenance solution ready for anything!


Sweet! Congrats @Nige.

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Putting the new kit to use. Thanks ECMTB.