Winter Project 2010

Who’s painting your frame? One of these days I might get my Rockhopper painted one solid color.

So I’ve picked up a project bike for 2010. This one is going to be a bit tougher as some parts have been already swapped several years ago…but I’ll get it back to original as possible.

I was lucky enough to pick up a 1993 Breezer Sky. This bike was designed specifically for the Canadian and UK market. The dropouts are Ritchey and the welds on the Chromoly Ultra tubing on the frame are sssooooo smooth.

The bike had a set of Rock Shox Mag 20s which amazingly still gets the 1" of travel that they usually got despite the marketed 1.8" of travel. The shifters were 7 speed grip shifts which will be replaced by Shimano Deore Thumb Shifters. The crank is a TNT Performance cnc’ed anodized light blue.

I plan on replacing the Rock shox with a chromoly rigid fork which I’ve already acquired.

I have contacted someone locally who will be reproducing the decals which will be placed on a freshly painted frame representative of the classic Breezer styling.

This is going to take some time to restore this bike. I’ll post up some after pics.

nice looking frame… look forward to seeing your project progress