Winter Riding Boots

I LOVE cold weather riding. I have all the layers and warm weather gear that I need. I am hardly ever cold except for my toes and balls of my feet. I ride in my regular SPD shoes that I use all year long with an extra insole and Gore Bike Wear Booties. The booties are torn to shit on the bottom and it’s time to replace them.

I know about Lake brand winter boots but find them pricey at $300+. Any other brands or ideas you like, that I should look at? I want to remain clipped in but want lots more warmth

If you know of anyone selling a used pair I could be up for that too.

While I don’t ride clipped, I keep the same footwear on all year long- 5.10 Freeriders, but in the winter I add some thermal socks I picked up at Mark’s Work Warehouse, not sure of the name but they have red flames on the sole… they’re amazing.

I’ve been using the Shimano MW81’s for 4 or 5 years now and they’re all I need for winter mtb use. For road riding they’re ‘ok’ but sometimes you need a cover on them. For strictly mtb they’re all I need. Retail for $269. For ‘the best’ look at Bontrager’s Old Man Winter Boot. These are by far the best winter boots I have ever seen and would probably consider these if I didn’t already have boots. But like I said, unless you have circulation problems, the Shimanos while also being the least expensive of all the winter boots I have seen, are also all you need.

I know you want boots but I just used shoe covers over my normal SPD mtb shoes all last winter on both my mtb and my winter road bike. I rode outside at least once a week, with a lot of road riding where feet get colder than mtb. I wore 2 layers of socks (one thin and one thick wool). I put chemical foot warmers on top of my socks and never had a problem. They are key. Without the foot warmers my feet froze probably like yours do.

This year I bought Thermocell rechargeable heated insoles – they heat the ball of the foot – with remote control (off, 38C and 44C settings). They are good so far but it hasn’t been truly cold yet, so I can’t comment if they can completely replace the chemical foot warmers. They are $130 so with a new pair of shoe covers still cheaper than the boots.

I think I should pick up some of those thermal socks @gtrguy referred to, I don’t think my feel will ever be too warm in the dead of winter.

I get cold feet too. My Neoprene booties are also starting to fall apart. Duck tape to the rescue. I may get them to last another season.

I often switch to flat pedals and regular shoes for the coldest rides. The cleat is a big heat sink that sucks the heat out of my feet. I did purchase some 45nrth Jaztronaut thermal insoles which I’ll try this winter. 45nrth looks like they’ve got some pretty serious winter gear, especially boots. Check ithem out at

When my booties die I may try the Mavic Kysyrium thermal shoe covers.

Just got these in the shop. defroster They aren’t cheap but look really nice. Waterproof, windproof etc and they are super reflective.

In saying that, I tend to swap to flats and use hiking boots in the past and it works great.

I like the idea of a hiking boot but I’ve been riding clipped in for so long I’m not sure I could ride any other way

make any shoe a cycling shoe

This is what I ordered through Cyclesmith on Saturday. I know I could have ordered on line but I like buying local

you are going to wunder why you rode with cold feet for so many years after one ride with those shoes. complete game changer for me when I got my north 45 shoes from bruce last year.