Winter thermal pants

I am in the market for some good riding pants for the winter and I’m wondering what you guys would recommend. I looked at MEC and they’re $120. I was hoping to aim cheaper.

I just wear my normal biking shorts with a pair of thermal long johns underneath

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Call me Mr. Cheap, but I wear $15 lined splash pants from Walmart with a pair of sweats underneath.

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I generally wear my normal shorts with different weights or combinations of cycling tights and wool long johns underneath. I also wear a pair of walmart/sears lined pants (not rain pants) that cost like $40, I’ll add some wool long johns underneath if it’s really cold. Whenever I’m passing through Truro I stop by the Stanfield’s Outlet store and pick up their awesome super thin and soft wool long johns for $10, they’d be $50+ at normal price.

As a Truro boy, have to say “big ups” for Stanfields. Never leave home without them.

I wear a set of dickies work pants cut of into shorts with long underwear under them.

For mountain biking, I wear a regular set of cycling tights, usually with shin pads. I don’t think I’ve ever needed more than that. On Super-cold rides, I might add nylon splash pants as a wind layer over the tights, but that’s pretty rare.

Shorts and shin pads actually take me down to below zero. I think I’m quite comfortable to -3 with the shin pads on. I generate enough heat if I keep moving and the shin pads block the wind.

If I was on the road, I might want something warmer, but most mountain bike rides are slower and in the trees out of the wind.

My issue is more with my feet getting cold. Insulated booties help. I have a new set of thermal insoles that I’ll try this season as well.

I am thinking to try heated insoles powered by li po rechargeable battery. Princess auto sells them. Anyone try these?