Winter Trail Grooming - West Hants

Snow Season is on its way and we’ve got the groomer all tuned up and ready to go!

We’ll be Grooming at Irishmans Road Recreation Site and Smileys Provincial Park this winter for all your Fat Bike and Snowshoeing needs. Fort Edward in Windsor will also be getting groomed this year, as will the Tregothic Trail (more of an active transpiration corridor) for those looking for a quick hike closer to town.

Target is to get two grooms a week at each site (snow pending of course) and we’ll be starting up as soon as the weather allows.

I’ll post here trail condition updates here as I have them likely starting mid December.




Looks like we might be enough snow to groom by Saturday morning. Get your fattys ready for Sunday! Rain is coming Monday so don’t delay!

I’ll update on conditions as soon as I can.


Will be grooming this morning at Smiley’s and Irishmans. Snow should be excellent tomorrow or even this evening.


Jan 21 snow report

Irishmans was groomed first thing this morning. Snow is kinda skimpy in the single track so didn’t do too much. Good coverage on the fields and double track tho.

Smiley’s had a bit more snow and should be better fat biking. Was able to groom pretty much the while park.

Cut out a few fallen trees form both sites.


January 24 snow report

Not much snow left at Irishman’s, coverage is good at Smileys. Thats the spot to go. Snow was a bit wet and slushy when I groomed this morning, if it hardens up it’ll be fast. Night ride might be the ticket.


Feb 1 Update
Last round of snow was super dry and fluffy. No grooming today but with some warmer temps tomorrow I’m hoping the snow will soften up enough to pack. More to come…

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