Women rides in HRM

Just wondering… are there women who like to ride and would be interested in hooking up for novice - intermediate rides Monday or Wednesday evenings?

I am pretty sure @elleDEE leads some rides that would be up your alley. Here’s a page to check out http://www.bicyclesplus.ca/livambassadors.html

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Halifax Cycles has Wednesday evening rides:

So does Women on Wheels Nova Scotia:

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thanks… those look great! but maybe on a tuesday… why is everything on a tuesday?! I’ll check it out though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for these also. I have been watching that group. I’ve not been available and they are going too far out this next week so looking for other options. The other is on Tuesdays too. :frowning: My husband and son do cyclesmith on Tuesdays so I’m wrapped up with those logistics…

I am doing a Tuesday Women’s ride/clinic for the month of June. Another great resource is Women’s Cycling Nova Scotia on Facebook. It’s a closed group with over 250 members. There are tons of Women’s only rides posted there. Off the top of my head i know there’s a Wednesday Woods ride that is put on by Jenna from Halifax Cyclogallery. Not sure about Mondays. I only know about a Women’s Road Ride with City of Lakes (Keli Marshall)

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Thanks! I’ll check out the FB group. Your ride sounds great but scheduling challenges prohibit me…

I’ll pass the word to @CyclingGirl . She might be interested.

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