Wondering what it's worth

2007 Giant iguana, barely used in great shape just stored in the garage was my father-in-law’s he’s looking to sell it. He said he paid close to $800 new.

Pretty sure this is a 2006… blue book has it at around $100 with the condition of the bike being in the subjective range of “good” to “excellent” condition. It’s not the definitive source but It’s a good starting point.


This is in $USD but I find the values can be treated as par with $CAD in most circumstances. Without seeing it in person it’s hard to me more exact, is the drivertrain shot, brake pads, rotors, hubs adjusted properly ect but it looks clean in the pic.

You could probably ask $300 and get some takers on online selling sites in pretty quick time.


100 if he wants to get rid of it, 300 if he wants to look at it for another 13 years.


Got to aim high for the hagglers… it’s still better than what you could get at a box store for $300.

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I prefer not to deal with the hagglers and other Kijiji bs. I’d rather take a $200 hit and have $100 in my pocket.

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