Wood practice kicker/ jump demand

Just putting a feeler out there to see if theres any demand for practice kicker jumps. For those who dont have the tools or the skillset to build their own

I will be building myself a new one or two of differnr sizes soon as the old one rotted out…

I am a carpenter by trade so this is quite easy for me… if several are intested in the same design of a small one i can build them at less cost. Similarly i can make custom sizes and degress of slope along with transition landing ramps if a larger kicker is requested… dm me if interested in specifics


I could be interested in a practice kicker… @TamBan?


Definitely interested! @IanM_MTB

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The standard 42" long with a 12" high lip will probably run about $100. Everything in usint pt materials. If i can get several orders for it

Larger kickers and landings will be priced as per order as they will be more as their is less excess material which may be used for anothrt ramp