Work Day at Nine Mile River Trail - Saturday Sept.11

Next work day is this Saturday Sept.11 at 9:30am.

We have a fresh supply of rocks and crusher dust up at the Second woods road/trail intersection – let’s put it to use! There are several mudholes on the way out to lake section. We’re going to fix some of those.

It’s quite a long way in to the trail – Probably a 30-minute bike ride, and a 45-minute walk (a little shorter walk up the woods road… but then you have to walk around all the water holes). We’re planning to ride in on mountain bikes, but feel free to walk in and meet us. The weather forecast looks good so it looks like a nice day for a walk or ride. We have tools so no need to bring anything.


Work day still on tomorrow and still planning to ride in. Even though I wouldn’t normally ride wet trail, we can assess well our recent drainage work is really doing, and the water will actually make our drainage and mudhole work easier… and we’re the ones who will repair any damage done. :slight_smile:

So if it’s too wet to ride anywhere else tomorrow, come to Nine Mile and help us do some trail work. :slight_smile:

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A question. Meet at 9:30 at the trail head or plan to be at the work site by 09:30 am?

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Trailhead at 9:30. :slight_smile:

Feel free to meet us on trail after 9:30 too. We usually work until 1:00pm and off trail by 1:30.

Fixed a lot of mudholes today! There are more to be done, but we’re getting there.

Thanks to @Mobettah , @darkmyth , @Joanna , and @CyclingGirl for coming out!