Work Day at Nine Mile this Saturday

We’re planning a work day at Nine Mile for this Saturday (Nov. 4). There are some split logs we’ll use to build a balance beam feature and two benches. One log will need to be debarked, we’ll need to cut and debark posts for the two benches, notch out the bench seats and balance beam, and prep the site for installation of the balance beam. There will be chainsaw, wood, digging, dirt moving, and rock work to be done.

We have a chainsaw and tools. If someone wanted to bring their own chainsaw, that would be great. Extra bark peeling tools (hatchet and hammer, drawknives, bark spud, etc.) could be helpful too.

We’ll meet at 10:00am in the parking lot, and ride mountain bikes in. If anyone wanted to walk in, come late, and/or leave early, they are very welcome! The work site is about a 25-minute walk in from the trailhead. The two long split logs are on the left, up the hill from “Bog Corner”, and just before the “Balance Beam” feature on the right in “Mud Alley”.


Got the split logs debarked, one cut in half and one half notched out for benches, and benchposts cut. Looking forward to getting the balance beam feature and benches installed.