Work Day (Evening) - Nine Mile River Trail

Planning a build day (evening) to repair boardwalks on the Nine Mile River Trail and could use helpers, so come on out.

We will need to walk in wood, and repair 4 boardwalks.

Depending on turnout, there are lots of other tasks that could be done too: Digging drainage, rocking in, and armoring trail, clearing culverts, etc.

We will have some tools, but if you have any carpentry tools (especially battery-operated saw), chainsaw, and/or trail building tools they would be appreciated!


Two of the bridges we intend to fix.


Six trail elves attended, including 4 ecmtb’ers. Got a lot done tonight. Carried wood in, cleared 2 fallen trees, replaced broken boards on 3 bridges, cleared trailside foliage, and dug drainage.


Bravo! Thank you!