Work Day - Nine Mile River Trail- Sunday July 26

Hi, folks. Planning another work day for Nine Mile River Trail.

Good news! Grants have been approved. Rebuilding of the Hemlock Loop boardwalks is still planned for the fall.

In the meantime, to make the boardwalks safe, we would like to finish the temporary repairs on the remaining 1 and a half broken boardwalks.

Planning to bike ride in starting at 9:30am, Sunday July 26. We are not fast riders, so it will probably take us an hour to get to the work site in the Hemlock Loop, so if you want to start in later or walk in, and meet us there, feel free. We will be doing Hemlock Loop counterclockwise this time (starting from the lake). We will have some tools, but if you want to bring tools, carpentry tools would be helpful, particularly hammers, battery-operated saws and power drills.


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One less broken boardwalk on Hemlock Loop. (Full rebuilding of the three broken boardwalks - H6, H7, and H8 still scheduled for this fall). There is still half a broken boardwalk (and it’s the long one - H7) so use Hemlock Loop with care.