Would this fork fit on my giant trace?

I have a 2012 trance and im having a hell of a time finding a replacement fork for it. How can i tell if the steerer tube will fit my frame?

Out of curiosity what fork is currently on your trance and what is wrong with it/ why are you looking to replace it?

Also the same picture as above of your bike would help identify the fit better.

I have an issue where when i brake or turn hard the tire will go to the left and rub on the fork, coming loose eventually. See this thread here


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I’m finding conflicting info online, but that bike might be setup ‘Overdrive 2’, which is Giant’s stupid version of a slightly stiffer tapered steerer tube. The bottom of the steerer tube is 1.5" like any other tapered steerer, but the upper is 1-1/4" instead of 1-1/8". You can swap the upper headset to a regular 1-1/8" headset cup and run a regular tapered steerer fork (1.5" - 1-1/8"), but you will also need to run a stem shim (I have one if you need it) or get a new 1-1/8" stem.

If it’s only ‘Overdrive’, then disregard all of that, it’s a standard tapered steerer setup with a dumb name.

The picture of the bike in the first post appears to have a straight 1-1/8" steerer tube. There are adapters or special headsets out there that do allow you to run a straight steerer tube in a frame designed for a tapered steerer, but they’re not all too common.


I am pretty sure the 2012 is just a standard taper and Giant didn’t do overdrive 2 until 2014, possibly 2013. I know I swapped the fork out on my 2014 Trance and it was overdrive 2. I didn’t ever change the stem or fork on my 2013 Reign X so I can’t remember.

A 26in wheel with a tapered steer tube should be possible to find, but the 9mm QR is going to make it more difficult. That fork pictured about is going to be a bit of work to make fit as @Jetter said due to needing to swap out the lower headset cup and bearings in your frame. And you would have to get physical steer tube length measurements, that steer tube/ head tube looks short and back in 2012 giant was using very tall steer tubes/ head tubes. You can get a rough measurement by going from the bottom of the headtube to the top of the stem.

I would rebuild the front wheel with a hub to accept a thru axle if i could find a fork. 26 is going the way of the dodo