Would you trade your fork for this?

Saw those on a bike in Iceland. Crazy looking!

Did you get to ride one?

Gotta love it when they can’t even get their own facts straight. Guy in video holding up scale that clearly says 990grams, while narrator says 980 grams.

Also, talking about maintenance, they show a broken rigid fork, not a suspension fork.

The up and back arced axle path sucks too, I rode with a girvin vector fork with the up and back curved axle path, it was like an eject button rolling over small drops going downhill. Front wheel stops and rest of bike proceeds down and forward…

Lame argument man :slight_smile:

Absolutely no trade. But how about this: mombat.org/392FutureShock.jpg

Maybe I missed something but whats dampening the rebound??

Re-engineered pogo stick… :lol:


Lame argument man :)[/quote]

Didn’t realize that it was a 3rd party review/overview, I thought it was marketing material from the manufacturer.

They should have blurred the scale.