Wrandees @3

I’m planning on hitting wrandees today at 3. Try to get some pipeline loops in and up to big rock. Figure 8.

Anyone interested?

Just got back. Red trail and Burrito are now beat down a bit, but still not great if you get off-line. Pipeline is amazing, as is Rosebowl, except for the last stretch down to the dam.


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Thanks @brightwhite!

@JeffV which entrance?

The main St Margaret’s bay entrance. You in?

Gonna try. 3 is kind of tight for me. I might just meet you in there

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Fyi… Anitra is dropping me off so my truck will not be there but I will.

I never really rode Wrandees before. But I have to tell you, those trails are SPECTACULAR. I had the quintessential winter ride on Saturday and went back again this morning. The snow was not quite as well packed today as it was yesterday but still was well worth a ride.

Saturday ride = 11/10
Sunday ride = 9/10


Great to hear! I had a blast there this weekend too.

What loops did you get in @muddy? Did you start at nw arm, main parking lot or exhibition park?

I started at Ex Park and followed a long straight trail until it intersected. I went right and then very quickly left. I followed that singletrack in the woods and along a river (?) until I eventually came to a lake . After a little bit of time I ended up at the parking lot on the Bay Road. I was able to find my way back pretty easily.

Saturday was my favorite winter ride in a very long time…probably ever…

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The trail down by the river is pipeline loop. Probably the best part.

There is another good trail closer to the main entrance across the sluce gate. It goes around and up to the to of the hill. You will know you are there by the big rock.

There is still more trail closer to NW arm drive.

Ha, Muddy, 20 years ago +/- the trails there were that fun to ride in the summer as well! Keeping in mind we were on 26" wheeled hardtails with 60-83mm of travel up front, it was still considered very technical riding, next to near impossible riding for anyone from southern ontario used to riding Hardwood Hills.

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I remember moving back to NS in 99, and checking Wrandees out for the first time on my 60mm travel Trek 7000 hardtail. I was so frustrated after my first few rides in there, but also in love with the technical trails. I miss those days before the dog walkers and erosion took over.

Yep, all someone had to do who thought you can’t ride those trails was to ride behind someone who could. Best way to learn how to ride a mtb.

Wrandees in the summer is still very good, very technical. Its not a popular spot anymore, but the stuff on the Northwest arm side is great, I generally avoid the exhibition side in the summer.

Conditions right now are very good, went last night, probably going back tonight before the warm weather hits.