Wrandees Sunday Edition

Had so much fun yesterday I’m hitting it again today.

2pm at dog walker entrance.

I was planning on going today for around the same time, so I’ll meet you there!

Was in early and conditions are quite good. I hope it doesn’t soften up too much for you. Conditions should be awesome all week.

Sounds cool, Jetter.

Thanks for the update Coaster2, I’m counting on the firmness of the underlying crust staying. Its +1 now, I’m guessing it will still be good.

The rest of the week looks crisp. Should be good.

I’m in, see you at 2:00. Are studs still needed on pipeline?

Might be able to squeak by without them… or you might end up in the river.

silly flu has me indoors for the day…

How were conditions this afternoon?

Pretty good. Got about an inch of snow towards the end but completely ridable. Once this freezes it will be pretty good. The boot marks are starting to smooth out nicely.

It was a great ride and we pushed it to 14kms which is a good wookout too.