WTB 700 x23 road bike tires

Looking to see if anyone has any they want to part with before I order some new ones

MEC seems to have a pretty big selection of 700C tires and they start quite cheap.

I was looing on there, and it seems I can get a better tire from chain reaction cycles for less

Interesting. Atleast with the tires I was looking at for my 650B, one tire taxes in at MEC is cheaper than the same tire at CRC, and then there is shipping on top of that.

how cheap do you guys go?

What is cheap? Are you looking for super poopy wire bead generic heavy lumpy stuff, or low-priced decent tires? Just to get rolling, or looking for something zippy, grippy and quasi-nice?

Also, I may have some laying around here. If not 23’s, would you consider 25’s? That’s what I rock on my road bike.

Decent affordable tire. I was looking at the Michelin lithion 2. 22/tire with free tube.

I may consider the 25.

I have 12 year old axial pro tires on there now

Let me check my shed and basement…


CRC puts tires on for so cheap sometimes its insane. I bought my michelin pro service 4s with tubes for 70 bucks all in. Thr tires sell for 75 bucks each at an lbs. Buy something else cool for 30 from clearance section (selle italia saddle) and got free shipping. Hard to beat…

I got some decent wire bead 25’s you can have. I ran them on my commuter until I got a road bike.

Thanks for looking but I decided to go ahead and order the lithion 2s with my tax return money :mrgreen: