WTB a cheapie

My brother in law had a very traumatic medical issue that has left him unable to work at least in the mid term and maybe forever. He is looking at taking up riding (he has ridden on and off over the years) as a form of therapy. Nothing at all like most of us ride. Simply crusher dust and maybe a bit of commuter style riding. Everything I have is beat to hell but I am looking for a resource where he could get something pretty cheap. Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated

Bike Again and Long Alley Cycles both sell refurbished bikes. I’m sure there are others, but those two come to mind.

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The Bike Pedaler in Dartmouth as well!


Halifax cycles often has a few used bikes as well.
Also (buyer beware): pawn shops, kijiji, and the police auction.

I always wondered about the bikes at the police auction. If you buy a bike there there and someone later claims it was their bike that was stolen, what’s the situation? Are you out a bike and the money you paid?

I have some pretty sweet deals coming up on our old stock. Stuff starting @ $390.99, if that fits into the budget. What size does this rider need? I may even have something in the back :wink: Let me know.

What size is he looking for? I’ve been debating selling my 16 inch hard tail for the last little while. I can send you some more information when I’m off work

If there are bits and parts needed to get him on the road I have a stash of older parts. More than willing to donate to a good cause like this.

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