WTB: Handlebar


I’ve got a FSA Gravity Light 31.8, 40mm rise, cut to 680 that you can try.

there is a couple of Spank Spoon bars at the shop, they area 800mm wide, think a blue and red one, they might be behind the counter. but they are there.

Funny, I am also looking for a wider bar for my fluid. Has a 640 on it now, my 29er has a 710. Figuring about the exact same thing Jetter is looking for. Go wide or go home! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Trance has a 730mm on it, and at first I found it really weird…the thought even crossed my mind to cut it down. Now I love it, and it makes the fluid feel like a little kids bike in comparison. It used to be a 680mm bar I believe, but way back I cut it down.