WTB: older parts for my ride

After a few year hiatus I’m back on my bike but it needs a few updates

Looking for a new rear shock 6.5" eye to eye. I’ve got a fox float rl air on it now but I’m bit heavier now, so looking for something with a coil on it.
Also looking for a 4 bolt big chain ring either 42 or 44 tooth.

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I’ve got a 6.5x1.5 Fox Vanilla R that i have no use for. The only issue is the coil spring is only 350lbs. And finding coils for these older shocks isn’t that easy I don’t think but if you’re interested, let me know.

Dang I thought I had a box full of coils but I think I gave them all away when I sold the Kona stinky.

I have a 42T thin Shimano sprocket, 4 bolt 104. You’re welcome to it, no charge.