WTB: Size small MTB

My oldest daughter is now too tall for her 24"-wheeled Devinci, so that’s been passed down to her brother.

Looking to see if anyone has a decent (likely hardtail) 26" MTB that would be somewhat trailworthy.

Budget: <$600.


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step up her game and get my spec epic for 900 bones. chris king and other fancy doo-dads!

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That would be an awesome bike!

…and if you get tossedsalad to sign it, it might be worth something. :slight_smile:

I can’t have my 12 year old with Chris King parts when all I’ve ever owned by CK is a headset!

Not to mention Thomson Stem/Seatpost and Dean Ti bar…

Are you still looking for a small bike for your daughter? My sister has a Trek 3700, I believe it’s a 13" frame. It’s in like new shape but doesn’t have disc brakes. It may do the trick. We are trying to figure out what to sell it for. Let me know either way.

Thanks–we did get her a bike already.