WTB: Stem *found*

Looks like I need a lower stack height stem than what I currently have.

Bought something to suit my needs.

Try bike pedaler! My go to for random odds and ends they have tons of stuff to pick through

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@Jetter I have the stock stem off my Troy.

Stack height is 38mm though.

I’ll double check tonight if that will work and get back to you. It would be close.

I was on the hunt for short stack stems recently and found a few decent options-

DMR Defy is 31mm stack
Spank Spoon/Spike/Oozy are all 35mm

Thanks for the info. One of the Spank stems is high on my list if I can’t find anything used. I’ll have to take a peak at DMR as well, haven’t looked at their stuff in years.

Yeah, I dig the Spank stems too. If you’re not fussy on color I believe Ideal Bikes have some Blue ones in stock.

No go @Gentile, 35mm is already pushing it for my liking.

Looking to stick with black unfortunately @gtrguy. Already got offered a green spike but I think anything other than black would stick out like a sort thumb on this bike.

edit Found a DMR Defy for a decent price so I ordered that. Thanks for the suggestion @gtrguy!


Very welcome!