XTR M970 crank removal without tool

Looking to remove crank but I don’t have the Shimano TL-FC35 tool. Any hacks out there to remove crank.

Geez, that’s a pretty specific tool/crank combo. Mine is still going strong but I think it was a weak effort on shimano’s engineers part. If I was local I’d help you get it out as I have the tool.

Maybe see if a shop can do a quick removal for you, should only take five minutes.

I wonder if a good pair of snap ring pliers would do the trick. I guess it depends on the torque required.

Pin spanner like the Park SPA-2 would probably work for the outer cover but I’m not sure about that collar on the inside of the crank arm/bb interface. I’ve never run into that particular setup- seems unduly complicated for a Shimano design.

Could You insert two bolts into the hole and use a prybar between them to rotate it? Anywhere channel locks could grab onto the body from the outside? I see the tool, but not finding a specific picture that shows the piece its removing in detail.

The two pins on the tool are just to remove a plastic insert which is the least of your worries. After the plastic piece comes out you turn the tool around and thread it into the crank arm and then you can use a 15mm Allen key (pedal tool works best) to extract the crank arm. It’s a new play on the old duraace self extracting crank bolts.

How it looks in action. Worth noting: threads for the tool are reverse.

The knurled collar behind the crank arm is for bearing preload I assume?

Yes, exactly. It is attached to the crankarm and isn’t part of the crank removal process.

Got it… weird setup!

Yeah, it didn’t last long.

Good god who are the idiots behind these ideas… worse than automotive engineers.

I can think of ways that involve welding to get it out… but it wouldn’t be going back in. Ha.

The best part is a 2.5mm allen bolt set screw underneath that keeps the preload collar in place.

How in a hurry are you to get it off? If you don’t have any luck and aren’t in a rush I make periodic random trips to the city.

edit, this ebayer has sold 68 and more than 10 available. wtf.

I can wait, I may bite the bullet and buy the tool on eBay. For now I just want to change the chainring to a 1x . I just cut off the chainring with a dremel. I would like to remove it sometime to give it a service.

Thank you

Cool, you only need it to take it off (and put the plastic piece back, I guess), regular 15mm puts it back on.