Year End Cottage Ride/Party - October 21st

~~~ Year End Ride/Cottage Party ~~~

Where: ~Irishman’s Road/My Cottage~
When: ~~~Ride 3:00pm Irishman’s Road/Cottage to follow ~~~
Difficulty: ~~~ Beginner/intermediate ~~~
It’s that time of year where I host my annual Cottage party for all my biking friends. For those new to the ECMTB year end party here’s how it goes:

I supply hot dogs/hamburgers, fireworks and the bonfire.
The rest of the food is a pot luck, so bring your favourite dish.

We will ride first at Irishman’s road to build up an appetite. We will start that at 3pm approximately.

We generally have a little bike race (this year with a possible short singletrack section…maybe) , and of course a fireworks display that I’m working on something new this year…I have a new extinguisher too!

There will be lots of wood to burn too!

Lots of beds or space available for those who want to stay the night. I encourage having a good time and being safe!

*directions to both irishman’s road and my cottage will be available later. Please RSVP if you are attending so I can have enough hot dogs etc.

Notes: ~~~My cell is 902-220-0848 if anyone need to call for any reason! ~~~

  • Going, see you there!
  • Wish I could, maybe next time.
  • Maybe, I’ll let you know.

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This is not an official ECMTB ride.


Irishman’s Road:
151 Irishman’s Road, Windsor.

From Hali

From the Valley

57 Spud Avenue Ellershouse

From Hali

From Valley

Is the ride at 2:30 or 3?

3:00 pm.

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I have confirmation from some others via text and email that they are planning to attend. This is going to be a blast!

I also have some slush supplied by JeffV that is guaranteed to keep you warm! Some homemade shine might be in the mix!

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Margarita flavored! Sorry, I can’t make it this year.

I’m hoping to see some video of the fireworks …it’s gonna be goooood!

I’m bringing my daughter, I might ride in her own pace and attend the party after.


I’m knackered from my kayak course today; towing is hard on a body. :weary: Have fun, crew!


Shoot by Douglas Smith, on Flickr

Fireworks gone wrong by Douglas Smith, on Flickr

Old Bicycle by Douglas Smith, on Flickr

Bonfire Start by Douglas Smith, on Flickr


Great shots Doug. And thanks for having us Mike. Good times!

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Awesome people. Thanks to the Valley King@mike and rest who came. My daughter said she had fun staring the bonfire and crazy flyby fireworks too.:slight_smile:


Sorry about the sideways photos. They’re correctly oriented on my iphone and in Windows. If anyone has a suggestion to get them to display correctly on ECMTB, let me know.


You need to rotate them on the phone.

The iPhone uses meta data to display them correctly but the site software strips the metadata for privacy reasons and so has no way to know which way is up.

Thank you to everyone who attended and everyone who has shown support for the site in any way throughout 2017!

I love hosting the year end party and hope that everyone who attends enjoy themselves. I have some ideas for next year which should increase the fun factor!

Lots of riding left including some great events such as the Corn Maze Ride, Bedford Parade of Lights, An Epic ride on November 12th and of course we ride year round.


Sadly I couldn’t make it, maybe next year- looks like lots of fun was had!