Year End Pedaltrout cottage Party BBQ

Here it is, the party of the year. Last year we had fireworks, food, racing (kind of), and even bonfire jumping…

This is a just a big ol’ celebration of all things biking. From the weekly rides, the races, organizers, trail builders and those who put up with us during the cycling season. Kids and pets are welcome.

This is a pot luck type thing, just bring your favourite dish to share.

I will provide the location, fireworks, bonfire, and some hot dogs, and hamburgers. The rest is up to you.

There will be beds available to anyone who wants to stay the night, and plenty of room to setup up a tent, so there is no reason not to enjoy yourself as much as you wish. There will also be a small skills area suitable for all ages. Kids and pets are welcome.

I’m going to open this up to anyone who is a registered user of this site. Please send me an email at XXXXXXXXX or PM me. I will respond with the directions closer to the date.


Where: My cottage.

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Did you add more water to your lake?

Burger king entrance.

Unfortunately, I will not be making it tonight. So I suspect it will be standard fair.

Mikes cottage has a new burger king entrance? I"M SO THERE

Whoops. Inadvertent cross talk. I’m out of sorts these days, lol.

Rumour is there will be an explosive surprise…bwahahahahahahhahahah!

So that means Skelhorn is invited…

Yes, and he knows nothing of the surprise…

If you plan on attending, please drop me an email, or drop a note here online. I need to budget for the proper amount of burgers etc.

We are planning to make it!!!

I’ll be there! I’ll bring matches

don’t bring matches , bring wood!

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Going to do some shopping for food and fireworks this week. I’ve heard back from a few folks already, but let me know if are attending and have not been in touch with me.

ANYONE ON THE SITE, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ATTEND! This is open to anyone basically. Come out and bring your favourite dish, tell some stories and enjoy your evening.

A few things we could use. Wood. We want to a great bonfire, so if you have any wood you need to get rid of, bring it with you.

BYOB, and something yummy to share.


Drop me an email at to let me know and I’ll send you directions.


Directions to Cottage:
Street address:
(From Sackville/Halifax/Darmouth)

  • Take NS-101 W towards Yarmouth/Windsor

  • Take exit 3 toward NS-1/Mount Uniacke/Upper Sackville

  • Turn right toward Evangeline Trail (signs for Mount Uniacke)

  • At stop sign across from Gas Station Turn left onto Evangeline Trail (signs for Mount Uniacke)

  • follow old no. 1

  • You will go through Mount Uniacke, to Lakelands, past South Rawdon Road

  • will see signs for Christopher Hartt road

  • Then sign for Cameron Lake Lane

  • Should be able to see lake on left at this point.

  • Start slowing down

  • There will be a few houses then a very small stretch of trees.

  • I will have a Rear Light/Flasher at the top of the driveway by the road.

  • Dirt road is on the left. (It is a small road, across the road from a blue/white house on the right numbered 7775.)

  • Keep to your right and my cottage is the fourth down the road.

  • If you miss it and see Buster Davis road, you’ve gone too far. Turn around and it will be on your right.

Or Call XXXXXXX or XXXXXXXX I will stand at the top of the road for you!

It is on Google maps as well if you look up XXXXXX Avenue, Ellershouse, Nova Scotia!

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Thanks @riderx I had a blast! Looking forward to those fire pics.

Good times! Thanks for having us Mike.

Sorry I missed this (Again) Mike.
Somehow I keep getting scheduled by Allison to be somewhere else every year (She always wins:)

Hope it was a great night!

Nothing like passing out by a fire to wake up at 2:41 and stumble face first into a sleeping bag. Enjoyed my time as always Mike…now go wipe that permanent smile off your face wink

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