Yurts are awesome!

Last weekend a bunch of us went to Sugarloaf and had a great time riding the hill. The chairlift was great, restaurant at the bottom of the hill was very handy, but most of all I liked the Yurt or the rustic shelter.

[attachment=0]Accommodation Resized.jpg[/attachment]

This made the trip so much more enjoyable to not have to drag a tent up, set it up and take it down again. For the additional cost it was so worth it. I must say I’m getting soft in my old age when it comes to camping. Ah well, as long as it means more biking!

they pay for themselves on a rainy weekend… plenty of room inside… even easier to get all those muddy wet cloths off… and a great place for everyone to gather for a game of cards and drinks!!

I went on a yurt building course this winter. It was pretty awesome. for more info check out www.lfy.ca - they’re in wolfville.

Parks Canada is getting them at many sites, Keji has them now. I wonder if they have them for Fundy, because they have a MTB trail I believe.