2016 Winter Trail Conditions


Sounds goods mate–have fun!


Anything rideable out there, for tomorrow’s group ride?


I am heading to Shubie soon. I will report back




Anyone been through Wrandees since yesterday? The family and I tromped Burrito/Warranty Claim, but we were the first through. The snow was nice and packy, but likely still needs a few more rounds and a fattie or two.


The entrances to Wrandees look pretty well packed. The temperature drop will firm it up. Just don’t go off the track.


Shubie is excellent. The crusher dust trails are snow covered but plowed and packed. Anything that is not crusher dust has been trampled and is good to go. If you go at night you see nobody on the dog walking section that is always crowded with walkers and off leash dogs during the days.

I didn’t head out to the Lake Charles Extension but could see it was rideable.

If you start at Mic Mac Mall you can add 10 minutes in and 10 minutes out but it is a great ride down around the point of the lake and up to the bridge and then uphill on the way back :smile:


Just went for a quick walk at Wrandees and was kicking myself I didn’t bring my bike. From the Bay Rd parking lot it’s in great shape…hard packed and smooth.


I was thinking the same.


Anyone been to Spider Lake lately?


If a fella was to go to Wrandees on Saturday morning, where is the best place to access the Trails? I have only ridden there twice and am not familiar at all. The nice thing is that it is easy to follow trails in the snow so I thought I might give it a go


Kirk, the best place to go in is usually Exhibition Park. If Pipeline and the river loop are good, which I believe they are, it’s a great place to start. If it’s not good, Quick Exit, on Northwest Arm Drive is the next best option.


Where is the trailhead on the Exhibition Park property?


first parking lot on the left, near the concrete chunk.


Thanks Jeff. I’m sure I will find it.


@muddy from this parking lot ride due east through the clearing to the treeline.


The earlier the better as this is a dog walking trail as well


I’ve been told by some riding buddies that vehicles are getting ticketed for parking there, so keep your eyes open and if it’s closed off don’t park there.


I was in there today and the trail was in perfect shape. almost all steam crossings are now completely frozen and the trail its self is very well packed and forgiving if you go slightly off unlike last Tuesday.


just back from spider tonight and the report is that the main road up is pavement, the ribbon was good but skull had a thin mantle of loose snow on a hardened base which made torque climbs and quick turns tough, went as far as the first big climb by the tip[ of the lake. the ribbon is pretty good shape descending but all trails are narrow and have a soft shoulder. inner peace and the rep are raw but only seen one or two riders. the rest unriden.