2018 Pic From Every Ride


Spider is fun. I need to go out there for a ride soon. Been spending so much time at Fight and The Gorge/Bird Sanctuary in Kentville.


Selfie with the Anthem Advanced. I know what my next XC bike will be.


I’m probably heading on the weekend sometime, still need to find out times for the kayak course and see the new track meet schedule. :face_with_head_bandage:


More of a post ride pic…


What evening for riding in fight tonight.


Sweet photo. Smooth as glass :stuck_out_tongue:


Shots from the trip to and from the Giant bikes demo in Kentville (forgot to take actual photos when there lol).


Awesome shot!



i grew up beside this exact spot on the highway, near the view park on the residential roads above. Beauty view!


You know you did a lot of climbing when you see the windmills for a second time!


Where was this? I need a good long cardio spot.


I love the view there every time I head that way. Always meant to grab a few photos.


I’m confused…I guess you figured out we were at Fitz?


Clearing some new trail around home. Got a whole new respect for all the trail builders out there :metal:t2:


Too busy riding while there for pics on the hill but keppoch was a blast as always!


Got a little ride in at The Cob this evening


Any landing you can walk away from…


Fantastic day at Keppoch! Nice meeting you Nova!

The boy on his Stinky 24

Lots of sweet bikes on the shuttle


Amazing rock work continues well past The Ledge on East Pine.