2018 Pic From Every Ride


Hitting up the trails in Sydney River, N.S. They’re in great shape.


Victoria Park Fall From Grace Roll-down.


Victoria Park wall ride.


IApproaching the bridge, mid-wall ride and turning down.


How not to trim your handlebar down…


Looks like it got dragged??


Too much of this, I suspect.


Small but mighty crew out for our Tuesday ride at Whopper.


It is what happens when your bike falls off the rack and gets dragged along the 102…

Fortunately, not for that long…


I’m guessing it was still in the tray by the wheels?


Great rip around Sandy Lake Park and some of The Range today.


Riding White Rock Recreational Area, Hillsborough NB.


Neilson Nord, Vallée Bra-du-nord, QC

@shadowfox70 lost as usual


A few more from Vallee Bras du Nord.


Would love to see a trip report posted up about this place! Looks like an awesome road trip destination!!


It crashed somewhere else and was brought here.

3 injured no fatalities.

Here’s the incident report: https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=74279


From the equally amazing Empire47 trails just outside Quebec city.



Riding in Wentworth yesterday. Checking out the new DH run (MK Ultra) that goes all the way to the bottom!
Train 407 CN Rail


Found this cruising Virginia Beach this afternoon. Tandem bike turned into a long, low beach cruiser.


Looks like the ultimate enduro bike!