9 Mile River



Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Location: Enfield, NS

Trail Head: Enfield Rd

Trail Forks: 9 Mile River

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Nine Mile River trails get some press
ECMTB Weekly Ride - 18 Oct 2016
ECMTB Weekly Ride - 18 Oct 2016

Has anyone been to 9 Mile in the past few days? Just wondering what the trail conditions are like. I know it can get pretty mucky. Was thinking of going for a ride out there on either Saturday or Sunday. Not sure if it’s been sunny enough to dry it out.


My guess is it’s probably still got some wet and mucky spots and because there is so much shade I find it dries out a little slower than some other trails. Supposed to be pretty nice tomorrow so it may be in good shape by Sunday. The Cob is pretty close by and is a lot more vertical so it may drain better… not sure. @TheBuilder what’s the word on the Cob?


Yeah I’m thinking it might still be mucky in sections.

I haven’t tried out The Cob yet. Maybe I’ll give that a shot if it’s in decent shape.


I rode at Nine Mile River and The Cob today. First time for me on both so I’m not sure what conditions are normally like. Nine Mile River was a lot muddier. I’ve certainly ridden worse, but I’d give it a while if you aren’t a fan of mud. I was at The Cob first and was mostly clean after that ride.


Thanks! Yeah I feel bad when it’s mucky to the point that you can’t avoid making the water holes worse than they are. When it’s bone dry 9 mile is a blast.


Hey Aimish… unfortunately thebuilder is taking time away from trail building and riding to concentrate on other priorities. The last time I was in it was clear and good to ride.


Any idea what conditions are like at 9 mile? Was hoping it could be rideable by Sat/Sun? Maybe that’s wishful thinking though.