Fat Bike Etiquette: 10 Dos and Don'ts for Riding in the Snow - Singletracks



Now we’re can we find fatbike groomed trails in NS? NB? PEI?

I do wish BLT rails to trails are groomed properly but so many bootleggers to begin with.


Truro grooms trails there, Vic park I think? Hope to ride some of them groomed trails this season.


Oh yeah, but we hve to drive up to Vic for that. And Halifax groomed parks are packed with hikers and dogs.


To be fair, I think @sheldonmcq was simply answering your question about where in NS we can find fatbike groomed trails!! :laughing:


Lol yeah. Any other trails you know @Adam ?


Sorry! Not a fat biker. I ski classic when there’s enough snow to do so. So good on Singletracks for pointing out to never ride (or snowshoe, or hike) over classic Nordic tracks!


Proper groomed fatbike trails (that I know of)…

NS - Vic Park and Keppoch
PEI - Brookvale
NB - MVP and Rockwood Park. Probably a bunch more in NB I’m missing.


I think Halifax Nordic ski club grooms some trails around HRM- not sure if they would allow fat bikes or not. I think martock usually has a fatbike day once a year when they’ll allow them on their xc trails.
Unfortunately there’s so much freeze-thaw around HRM that any groomed trails would be “fragile” to fatbikes so it would be all too easy for a clueless biker to ruin an xc ski trail for the group that maintains it.
Funnily enough- that’s why I got a fatbike in the first place- my xc skis and snowshoes were gathering dust because of unpredictable snowpack!


A ranger we spoke with at Keji this fall suggested that there could be winter riding coming to the park, but I have no confirmation on that.


I was thinking of getting my xc skis too but now you mention of just how unpredictable the snow are really just hit or miss.


After a big snowfall, if you can get a couple of people on snowshoes on the local trails first- it can make a nice riding base.


There is a ski club that has been grooming Macdonald Park for skiing in the past few years, and closing the park to bike use during ski season.


Yes, they have a very active community that snowshoes the trails and the park it self has a snow-dog they use to groom fat bike trails all winter long.


The bird sanctuary is great in the valley due to high level of snowshoe traffic. Not officially groomed, but kinda.


I tried to snowshoe spider lake last season and hard pack it… it took 2 days to make enough to be bothered to ride…dog walkers had it punched through by the 4th day and then it melted, sigh :pensive:.

I am up for a road trip tho.

Mike, I need to get there soon and have a ride with ya!!!


In my opinion, Long Lake has usually been helped by dog walkers. Once it is packed by snow shoes and the trail is obvious, the dog walkers follow the path and pack it pretty solid.

It is just because there are so many though.


Yea. Dog walkers can be really good but you need them in very high volume.


Dog walker volume inversely proportional to tire volume.


There must be a pounds per square inch:paws per square inch ratio