Irishman's Rd


Description: A mix of old school doubletrack and singletrack

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Location: Windsor, NS

Trail Head::Irishman’s Rd Recreation Site

Trail Forks: Irishman’s Rd Recreation Site

Trails owned by the Municipality of West Hants. Please be aware that a section of the trails are under lease by the Glooscap Heritage Archers Association for use as an outdoor archery range. The club holds shooting events on the trails a few times per year and closes the trails during the events.

Irishman's Rd Tonight 7:00pm
Irishman's Rd Weds June 24, 6:30pm
Trailflow Cutting New Trail

Update on trails:
A tender for Phase 1 (doubletrack) of the trails has been awarded to Garnet McLaughlin of Cobequid Trail Consulting. Construction/repairs are to begin in the next week and last about 1 week.

Phase 3 (singletrack) has gone out for tender but the winner has not been released publicly yet.

There’s lots of new markings and flagging tape all over the place in preparation for things to come. I’ll reserve my opinions until the work is done.

The trails plan can be read here:
Irishman’s Rd Recreation Site Multi-UseTrail Plan


I’ve added Irishman’s Rd to Trailforks, the trails need to be confirmed…


Thanks Bent!


Looks like the trail building at Irishman’s Rd is complete for now:

The Tender for Phase 3 has been posted so there will be more to come!


Nice! I took a quick ride around there on Friday for the first time. I didn’t see a map so I just went exploring. Found lots of fun stuff including one short, but very steep and loose climb that made me glad I put a new rear tire on the day before! There were some trail section marked as under construction that I obeyed the signs and stayed off. I look forward to getting back to check out what I missed.


Yeah I know the climb you’re talking about, I never bother with it, there’s better ways to go, it should be closed really.


Checked it out for the first time on Sunday- great trails! Can’t wait to get back down there. Also checked out the Resevoir and that’s great too- can’t believe I’ve been missing out on those options…