Irishman's Rd Weds June 24, 6:30pm

Everyone welcome, we should be able to get in 3 or 4 laps, 12-16km before it gets too dark. There will be a couple of short wet spots but the rest should be nice and tacky dry.

trailhead map here:

I’m going to have to bail on this ride, my life just won’t let me get on the mtb lately. I’d be able to get out Friday evening instead if anyone is interested.

I have interest

A few of us are heading down with a trail map provided by bent to do some exploring. We’re meeting at the trailhead at 6:30.

Damn I wish I could be there, it’s rare to get a big group there…@dealmac there are some trails in there that aren’t on the map I gave you, they don’t go anywhere and I don’t do any clearing on them, it should be fairly obvious that they aren’t used. @darkmyth I’d ride on Friday evening if you wanted a proper tour. Have fun, and save your lungs there’s hardly any recovery time, no big downhills like in Falmouth.

No guarantees, but I might be able to do a Friday night run at Irishman’s

what’s the plan stan?

I’m game, haven’t been on a proper ride in a week, starting to feel like a cow @Adam? @Maritimer? 6:30 at the trailhead?

I’ll be away for the morning but I’ll check back later.

I’m up for 6:30 tonight at the trailhead @ Irishman’s.
See you there

I don’t know @bent6543 . Thinking about it, but I might ride there or somewhere earlier in the day since I’ve been out the last two evenings. I know you and @Maritimer don’t care too much if I hang out at the back but you’ll have more fun if you don’t have to wait.

Yesterday I still failed to clear the following sections on either lap:

  • stump corner
  • deer leg roots
  • ant hill
  • atv blocker
  • root-stravaganza
  • sink hole log (after the ride around)
  • garney’s up (though to be fair, it was pretty wet still)

And possibly others

What makes you think I’m going to clean any of that?..or be waiting for anyone? :smiley:

Haha @adam i like some of the names you came up with for the spots! I’m pretty sure I know where all of them describe except “ant hill” is that the climb into the Hawthorne Alley just before the ATV blocker.

Of course I think you should come out, practice makes better. Or just to watch @Maritimer try to clean those spots on that hybrid bike. No offense, I think it’s rad that you ride that bike on some of the things you do.

It’s more lack of good sense and too tight a wallet than anything else, but thanks

OK… leaning towards it. :smile:

that’s the spirit!

@darkmyth, got the “an” from the man in the tan van?

Surprisingly I think I pretty much made it up the climb into Hawthorne alley once. Maybe one dab to keep me going but didn’t have to run up it, anyway. Close counts in mountain biking, like horseshoes, right??

“ant hill” refers to what I think is an actual ant hill beside the “trail” just as you exit the woods in deer leg. It is quite lumpy there. If I make it up the short slick climb I usually get hung up in the lumps.

No (major) OTBs anyway, so that’s an improvement from Wednesday night. Ha!

Long as I can get out of the city on time I will be there.

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great, I’ll see you at the trailhead. we’ll wait if you’re a bit late.