Jesse is the limit


dady can you give tomy my downpayment? :laughing:


And a little more inspiration


This is one of the houses we stay in.


Mmmm beer.


if you look close you can see the la salle mts in the background, a trail on the canyon floor and with eyes wide open you got big sky country.


I’m in Moab right now and it’s amazing. If any of you are on the fence, jump over it - you will not regret it!


Have a blast man! And if you have any questions while you’re there give Tom or myself a shout! And get yourself to Chili Pepper Bikes and tell them you know us. They’re our Moab family!


The beer selection has improved much since then :slight_smile:


At the Moab Diner, fries with green chili sauce is a tasty treat…


did somebody say beer?


Did somebody say cookie - note inside joke you had to be there


Unfuckingbelievable riding, scenery, HEAT, beer and good times. If you can find a way to get there, do it. It is without a doubt one of the best trips I’ve taken anywhere ever.


Told ya…


So that’s it. We got our 12 people. We will create another one of these shots. So looking forward to it. Flights booked. Houses rented. Bikes reserved. Always room for one more…


Or you could have a group photo at 11’000 feet


So we are 2 and a half sleeps away from a hell of a time in Moab.


Have a great trip guys. Can’t wait to see the pics!


Moab 2017 by Douglas Smith, on Flickr


Ok boyz and girlz, starting to think about this years trip to Moab. Sept 22nd to 29th. We went early Sept. 2017 and it was way to hot. So back to end of Sept. I asked for $2300. last year but ended up giving $ back cause the dollar was better for us. So this year I am going to say $2150. each and see where that gets us. That’s for airfare, trucks, gas, houses, shuttles, park permits, suppers cooked by our chef, coolers with ice everyday and a couple of other things I can’t think of right now!!!
If you are interested let me know and I will give you more details.
Moab or bust…