Newbie mountain biker


Hi everyone! I’m pretty new to Mountain biking and loving it. I’m looking for some beginner trails to go on with some people if you don’t mind me tagging along. There’s so much i don’t know and want to learn, but don’t want to get over my head. Lol
Let me know of anyone who wouldn’t mind showi g me around. Thx.

New to Halifax

Mec has a weekly group ride that will start in May. It’s geared towards beginners but good riders come out too.
I’m a beginner and ride with this group also and have had no issues.


Awesome. Great idea! Thx


Welcome to the site @Specializedjenn!

We do ECMTB rides on Tuesdays and often do Macdonald Sport, Shubie park or Nine Mile River as good beginner level rides.

Irishman’s road is good too.


I’ve been to irishman’s once and loved it! Thanks for the info. I will definitely come tag along on a tue ride. Thx.


Also @chucsutt who does the above mentioned MEC rides, is also doing a Giant Halifax ride aimed at beginners looking to progress.


And Bicycle Nova Scotia has the Women on Wheels program, for women mountain bikers only. @elleDEE might have some more info on that.


Sportwheels does a group - rails to trails ride every Thursday all summer long, 7pm starts and alternates between Halifax and Dartmouth every week. They start first week in May. Check their website for locations and times.


Is that the one Ian runs?


I’m looking for something more than rails to trails. But thx for the info.


@JeffV yeah that’s it


Definitely come out on a Tuesday sometimes. New riders always welcome!


One place I would recommend is Victora Park in Truro. Hub Cycle hosts rides weekly and I’m always looking for an excuse to go up there on the weekend so if your interested let me know and I could show you around up there. Bit farther then some other suggestions but it’s really Beginner/Intermedate friendly and very very well maintained.

As others have said I would also recommend Tuesday rides. We aim for fun over going as fast as we can. Makes for a good learning atmosphere I feel.


I’ve haven’t been there yet. But i hear it’s awesome. Thanks for the offer, i will definitely take you up on that sonetime soon!


Hi @Specializedjenn, I’m in the same boat.

I tried to sign up for a TrailFlow clinic last Fall, but they canceled it as no one else had signed up. I’ve been watching and so far have found two rides/clinics.

I’m planning to sign up for the Giant/RideEast rides at:

There is also a Sportswhells/Trailflow clinic that I’ll go to if I’m in around that weekend:

Let me know if you plan on hitting up any group rides, I think it would be good to have another beginner along to learn with.


@Rolls Yes, there is the WOW program through BNS, and I, myself, will be doing some Liv Beginner rides starting in May. She may also want to join Womens Cycling Nova Scotia on Facebook to keep in touch with the other 300+ women who ride here in Nova Scotia.


We’ve (TrailFlow) have a bunch of programs in the works for this spring and summer and should have dates and locations for the bulk of them finalized in the next week or two. A few have already signed up for the Sportwheels program for both the youth and adult programs. It’s going to be a great time!


There are some great trails in the valley too! Both road and mountain. Valley Stove and Cycle does group rides during the week in the evening and on Saturday afternoons. Or I would be happy to show you around otherwise.


Some of my favourite trails up there. Also really well maintained with lots of stuff for all skill levels.


Looking forward to details on that, @Pepperjester. The kids were stoked after the discovery ride last year.