Post your bike


I just download on phone, edit and rotate and then upload again.


My ‘new’ fatty - 2017 RSD Mayor


Sorry for posting a road bike but I wonder if @brightwhite might remember this frame?


I don’t. I had a grey Bianchi that was probably about the same vintage, but I apologize, I don’t recognize that frame. Is that the one I gave to Andrew F, but painted?


Bingo! He gave it to me and I recently had it repainted. Really nice bike to ride.


what even is this? almost looks like a … Bike? Kind of =/


Now that we are off mountain bikes, I took this fella for a rip last night. It can really make your commute fast and fun. It stops working at 30km/h though. Accelerates fast, and is not a nice carry if you live on the forth floor of an old building.

E-Bike Ride with L


Man That thing is a beauty!


Trek Fuel Ex 9.9.


Oh fantastic! I always preferred Biachi’s celeste blue. It’s like Yeti’s turquoise. Brand defining colours.

Glad you’re still getting some use out if it.


Thanks, man. Took some time, money and effort to get it back in shape :slight_smile: