Valley Jumps


Im soon moving to the valley (wolfville area) and will need a good fast flowy jump line. For those of you familiar with 24, im looking for that. I plan to build as i have a 43 acre woodlot to my disposal, but i need something quick fix for this season while work progresses. Whats your favorite fast flowy jump lines in the valley? Are there any?


Start with the Gorge in Kentville, as well as reservoir park in Wolfville. Both have technical features such as drops, gaps, steeps. Both natural and man made.
There are a few select jump lines, but some of them are just along pieces of single track. @pepperjester is probably a good resource to chat with since he built most of it, and may know stuff I’ve left out.


If you haven’t done the Four Cross track on Burgher Hill in Kentville, it’s worth a visit.


thanks! Ive been to the gorge and have had fun but couldnt find anything overly flowy with consistent jumps. Maybe one or two here and there. Id need a guide to show me some lines to learn i think.
I do like the skills park at res park though, but also dont know which trails have the flow and jumps.
The burgher hill track is definitely a blast! Looking for some sizeable tabletops and bigger jumps though but i love stopping by there


Have you been to Phase 2 down the dirt road at the top of the Gorge? No extended downhill, but there used to be sizeable jumps and drops, and decent flow.


I have not! This sounds promising!


Most of the dedicated jump lines in P2 are dead/dying or gone. There are a few wooden structures left, but they really don’t connect up.
It’s basically a big XC loop now.


^ ^ P2 in it’s glory days had some pretty legit hucks.

PM me and we’ll go for a rip some time and I can show you the lines.


Sounds good. Im also game for relivening this jump line. I dont wanna have to drive from lockhartville to waverly just to get in a solid flow line with more than 1 jump :stuck_out_tongue: lets dig!


There has got to be a few pictures floating around one of your pinkbike albums.


Found em!


Oh man that teeter totter looks like a blast!! I would love to see more things like this again.


Sooo where is 24? I love a good jump line. The little jump area at The Range is the only one I know of in HRM though.

This is at the Gorge:

But most of the Gorge is more trail and DH style riding, some of the wooden features are an absolute blast, and there’s at least one jump that’s bigger than this. There’s some other more dirt jump style stuff deeper in as well that are a lot of fun. there’s this and then a berm with a couple fair sized doubles after it (you can just see the first one at the end, but they go around it)


Give me two weeks :wink: I have a plan…


You can have three! By then my skull should be refused and unconcussed :smiley:


Take four if you need to!


We picked up a new shovel today :wink: This should help with the jumps and flowly fun…


My back yard would look like Battle of Passchendaele.


I’d be putting together a backyard pump track for sure!


I can dig it