Youtube shows?


Anyone else subscribe to youtube MTB shows?

Some I watch…
Seths Bike Hacks

What do you watch?


GMBN is all I watch regularly.


Just adding to your list @JeffV
Nate Hills
Singletrack Sampler
Trail Peek
MTB yumyum
Enduro World Series (Posts lots of great content from each round during the season)
On Track with Curtis Keene S01
On Track with Curtis Keene S02
On Track with Curtis Keene S03
Specialized: Destination Trail (Glorified commercial but still great to watch)

I’m really digging the amount of gimbal stabilized content that’s been popping up on youtube in the last little while. Only downside is that it makes me wish we had far more elevation out here on the east coast :disappointed:


Seth is the one I watch most often, but also subscribe to Skills with Phil:


I’m definitely going to be watching more of Skills with Phil, and Seth’s Bike Hacks. I feel I’ve neglected many basic skills that will help improve my riding.


Ali Clarkson and Sam Pilgrim are usually where I go first.


Second on the Ali C videos.


Forgot to mention Clint Gibb’s channel in my comment.

Interested to see what he thinks of the XTC+ against his FS Niner.


Part of the Red Bull channel and I don’t think there are any new videos coming out, but any video with Claudio Caluori is entertaining to watch - just incase you have missed them!


I follow Fatbike Republic. :smiley:


Really liking [the Loam Ranger] ( Bonus points for being Canadian.


I got my Seth sticker for my bike :smile:


I find the Trail Doctor (Dan Miner) entertaining:


Dusty Betty seems to have potential too:




Dusty Betty also makes a series on travel trailer living. Anitra and I are hooked on it now.

They go lots of cool places and 30% of the time bikes are involved.


Biking with Bobo is pretty funny:


For any of you with kids, search Youtube for

Race Reporter Ruby. She’s a kid who interviews pro cyclists.

Her riding channel is at


…and you don’t even need to have kids…