12 speed sram chain

I know its a long shot but anyone have a 12 speed sram chain kicking they wanna sell? Mines due to be replaced but cant get one in the country

Try long alley. I picked one up 3 weeks ago


Thanks man. They had one. Now its just getting over to quinpool before its gone haha

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I got one from Hub Cycle in Truro just before the lockdown.

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I got one on the MEC website for 40$. I’d recommend checking there

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Recently? I couldnt see them there

Yep 2 weeks ago it was a GX one too

It’s good to get into the habit of throwing in something extra at the bike store or when making online purchases so you build up a bit of a stock at home. Stuff like a set of brake pads, a chain, grips, cleats, pedal pins, gloves, glue pads etc. so you’ve always got the basics on hand.


I put a KMC chain on my 12 speed SRAM GX and it’s been great. Probably a bit heavier than a SRAM one but it was 40% cheaper and more importantly, in stock.


I used KMC chains on 1x11 for a few years and never had an issue. I could get about 700km out of them before there stretched too much.

I haven’t had change the SRAM Eagle chain on my Trance. Ive had the bike two years, definitely riding less, but probably getting up there now.

I’ve stopped count kms.

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Found one at long alley. Thanks once again for the help fellas


Just a heads up that the XO1 and XX1 Eagle chains last much longer than GX in my experience, and are worth the money if you can afford the initial outlay (and can find one!).

GX isn’t bad at all, it’s a fine chain, but XO1 are the longest lasting chains I’ve ever used on an MTB. Some chain comparison tests agree, too.


Same–it’s worth spending more for top-tier chains.

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Read the same, have a couple spare GXs to get me through this season but when I wear them out and the NX cassette, will be slapping an X01 cassette and chain on, hear the durability is worth the money.

I rode a full X01 11spd drive train on my last FS. Everything about it was better than Eagle GX. Wish I’d kept it now.

The only thing I’d change out would be carbon cranks. HRM isn’t carbon crank country!

I thought I knew what a pedal strike was before I moved here. I was mistaken.


Also like to point out. When i was at long alley getting the chain a woman pulled up with an issue with her rear derailleur. The woman at long alley brought it in fixed the issue and wouldn’t take any money cuz it was just a simple adjustment.
I thought that was pretty cool. In a time when bike shops r crazy. She took in an unscheduled bike for no charge
Kudos long alley


They did something similar for a man when I was there. I think it was a brake pad adjustment and needed the seat post raised. He didn’t own Allen keys


I’ve had similar experiences with sweat ride too and think that’s pretty cool that bike shops will do that

I went to CycleSmith looking for a bag of pedal pins. One of the workshop team just gave me a brand new pedal out of the spares bin instead.

Holding onto to the now pinless pedal to pay it forward one day when someone cross threads there’s (Kona Jack Shit Alloy)

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Definitely cool of the shops to do those little things which a) show customer service b) too small a job to warrant being put on the stand by the mechabic