2 official rides per week in summer?

I personally would love to see another official ride during the week. Tuesday is always well attended and would be great for people that can’t make Tuesday.
I would host myself but I feel I don’t know the trails that well.

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Anyone is always welcome to post up an unofficial ride, but I know I am too busy to commit to a second weekly ride, and I think that’s probably the case with the rest of the guys as well.

I’d love to see another official ride but I’m already committed to 2 (unofficiallly 3) other rides for Valley Stove and Cycle.

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I usually ride more than once a week, but except for Tuesday nights, the other rides I just sneak in here and there at the last minute when I can. Committing to a second ride on a regular basis would be too much of a stretch for me.

If anyone else wants to step up and lead another official weekly ride we’d be more than happy to support it, promote it, attach our name to it, etc.

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@PascalOsti I tend to go for a ride on Wednesday or Thursday most weeks. I tend to go to the VSC Ride on the Wednesday or Truro on the Thursday. (Going to Kentville tonight for the Giant demo actually). Let me know if your interested in riding with me on those days. Open to car pooling as well. It’s not always out of the city on those days but most of the time it is.

Might have to venture to this giant demo tonight, i planned on riding a bit in the area anyways

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I’m usually up for riding, the far away ones are a maybe though.

Sounds good. Let me know and I’ll try and post when I’m going for rides.

Giant Halifax and @rideeast just announced they will be doing Wednesday night rides for the month of July.