Last Minute Rides....Who's In?


I’m unofficially heading to spider lake right now with the dog if anyone wants to join!!

2 official rides per week in summer?

Couldn’t we just have a topic with last min. rides to see if anyone wants to go?


What time were you thinking?


Went this AM already, next time I’ll try to post the night before! I tend to ride mid-mornings,midweek


Speaking of relatively last minute, I’m thinking about going tomorrow evening (June 22), or maybe noonish on the 23. Destination… Fight is my local trail, but I can be convinced to go elsewhere. Anyone want to join me?


I like fight I’ll try to join


Cool @PascalOsti does tomorrow evening work for you? About 6pm is ideal for me.


See you at 6 !


Which entrance? Cul-de-sac?




Anyone head there tonight around 6 I’m headed up like to have someone else join. Like being challenged or challenging or both pushing one another find it always makes one another little better and perhaps makes me fall little more. Let me know we can exchange numbers gonna head around 6


We’ll be there tonight at 6. You’re more than welcome to join.


I may join as well. Will post if not.


Nvm. Took longer to get home after work then I thought it would.


Hey man just missed you fellas a guy asked if I was Scott said yup he said couple guys asking for me pointed yea out but could catch yea lol. HOWEVER, perhaps was a good thing I was almost out could see the car but realized I was lost lol while see car back and forth then we’ll something I ate or drank not sure but let’s say, we’ll let’s not and just leave at that lol. Worst ride ever. LoL


Going to head to The Cob/Grant road for the first time this year later today. Maybe 6 or 7 when it has cooled down a bit.


Anyone been to fight trail today? Too wet?


Just curious if you went? I’m wondering what the trails are like today/tomorrow before more rain on Friday.


Went this AM, trails 97% dry, wet in all the usual places, the lake crossing is deeper than I expected! Evidence of lots of great trail work happening-big ups to everyone involved!!!


Awesome news! Thanks! If that’s the case, the rain on Friday shouldn’t be much of an issue I’d imagine.