2010 Womens Beginner Mountain Bike Rides

Stacey did a great job of hosting the girls rides and I’d like to say a big thank you for her doing so.

As mentioned in the Tuesday night group ride posts we are having a year end BBQ at my cottage on September 25th. Stacey has forwarded some email addresses and I’ll be sending some directions etc along.

We will be having a bonfire, fireworks, some games and lots of fun!

Sportwheels and Pedaltrout are pleased to announce a weekly Beginner Mountain Bike Ride directed towards Women only.

There is certainly a growth in female riders and let’s face it, sometimes the traditional testosterone filled ride is just not what you’re looking for. For two years we have provided a beginner mountain bike ride that is based on a fun, laid-back atmosphere. This spring we decided that it was time we provided the same for women only.

Stacey Taylor has been riding with Sportwheels for two years and embodies what biking is all about. She was not an avid biker prior to our weekly rides and now she has taken on racing this season. Stacey will be leading the women rides for Sportwheels. The focus is on just getting out on your bike, riding local trails, having fun and exercising.

Regardless of skill level, type of bike, or experience I encourage you to come out and enjoy a low impact, cardio workout in the great outdoors.

The rides will start Wednesday, May 12th, and riders can meet at Sportwheels on Sackville Drive and will proceed to the trailhead from there! Stacey will be here at 6:30 every Wednesday ready to go.

I look forward to seeing you on the trails!

This Wednesday May 12th will be our first Womens’ Beginner Mountain Bike Ride! I hope to see a lot of riders show up.

We will meet at Sportwheels at 6:30 and head out to the trailhead.

Remember this is open to anyone with a bike! NO experience required!

We had a fantastic ride last night. It was great to see so many faces out. The rain held off, the bugs (for the most part) played somewhere else, and fun was had by all. Thanks to everyone who came last night! Look forward to seeing you next week! :slight_smile:

Good to hear, Stacey, I’m hoping I can get out with you guys in the next couple of weeks. My schedule is all over the place this summer but I’m going to do my best. Keep having fun!

How many folks did you get out?

That would be awesome Sue! Thanks!!!

We got 7 out last night. It was really great. I’m gonna try and put in a special order for wicked weather every Wednesday between now and the end of the summer! :wink:

Alright ladies! Don’t be scared off by a wee bit of rain tonight. It’s only a drop or two here and there. And if we ride fast enough, we can ride between the drops and stay dry!

We will meet at the store as per usual at 6:30, or you can head to McDonald Sportspark and we’ll meet you there. I plan to get the crew moving out of the parking lot at about 6:33, and head on up. Should be a good ride tonight, rain and all…!

See you tonight! :slight_smile:

Thanks to the ladies that came out last night! It was a lot of fun, and thankfully, it didn’t rain on us.
Looking forward to next week!

I’ll be there next week barring any unforeseen circumstance!

Bike Week is upon us and there is no better way to celebrate the most awesome invention ever then to join Stacey on Wednesday June 2nd.

Stacey will be departing from Sportwheels 6:30 so be there to enjoy a ride!!

Looking forward to it. So she is departing at 6:30, not the usual 6:45? Just checking.

Yes, Stacey leaves at 6:30. She doesn’t have to wait for the slowpokes who work at the shop!

Yes, Stacey leaves at 6:30. She doesn’t have to wait for the slowpokes who work at the shop!

Great! Gotta pick up the bike at Eric’s, then I’ll head out there.

Righteeo Janet! Good stuff. We’ll look out for ya. We’re heading to McDonald Sportspark…so you can either meet us for a 630 departure at the shop, or up at the Sportspark. Glad you’re coming along! :slight_smile:

Had a great ride with Stacey, Barb, Kelly, Krista, Cory tonight at MacDonald Park. I’ll definite be out riding with this great group of gals again. Barb suggested we do a ride at the trail at Nine Mile River this Sunday so we doing it. What fun. Gotta keep feeding the addiction.http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/b691cfd07d8181059f8a4b041d534cc4.gif

Forgot to mention, congrats to the women who rode down the “Hill of Destiny” last night. I hope to, and will, conquer it some day.

Another thing I forgot to mention. I wish I had a camera last Wednesday when Mike came cycling into the back parking lot on a tiny pink bike, and I mean tiny. I am still in awe as to how he was able to even pedal. The look of strain on his face displayed the difficulty he was having. That was hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle Mike.

Weather’s gonna be beeeautiful for tonight’s ride. YAY!

We’re going to be headed to Spider Lake tonight for our first foray into single track.

If you know where the trail head is, you can meet us there. Probably around 645-ish… If you don’t know where the trail head is, no problem! Meet at the store for 630 sharp and we will all caravan over together. :slight_smile: