2014 - Pic from every ride

Enjoyed the 2013 pic thread so much I thought I would steal Bignose’s idea and start a new thread for 2014. Feel free to post up your pics.

These are from today at Wrandees with JeffV and Jetter:

Cool pics! I got a Sony Action Cam recently and have taken it on acouple of rides… fun stuff!

Wrandees in early Febuary.

Adding to the tracks behind my house
[attachment=0]2014-03-04 11.15.27.jpg[/attachment]

March 4th group ride at Spider. This is the best I’ve got, sorry.

March 6th - Wrandees/Pipeline

Five hour adventure ride today.

Mar 11th group ride at Shubie. Perfect conditions for a ride across Lake Charles.


Mar 15th - Whopper with JeffV

From today’s ride, bike porn…

Saturday I did three hours on the beast. I might not ever need to ride a groomed MTB singletrack again. But, I will. Rode out at Powder Mill Lake and the surrounding woodlands.

March 25th group ride at MacDonald Park.

We may as well change the name of Wednesday officially to Stormday!

Got out for about an hour when it was just starting to get nuts. Some serious drifting on the go at that point already! Was good to get out on the beaster, though.

The abominable samsquanch! :shock:

So after work I met up with Ryan and Michelle and biked to Evangeline Beach.

On the most pimp CCM ever.

I remember finding that tunnel for the first time way back in the day, it looked pretty short until it gets really dark about 1/2 way through and it’s hard to see all the debris on the bottom. Good times!

d.rolls, I think I passed you in Shubie last night. You had stopped by the bridge because you had dropped your chain. I stopped for a second to see if you needed and help