2016 - Pic From Every Ride

@jvanlux where is this?

@rolls its in the woods behind my house… we just started to build some trails, I’ll let you know when they’re done


P2 Fun… Again

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These trails are so fun… not just saying that because I made them :joy: :joy:


Great ride at Evil Birch tonight.


Where is this one?

Evil Birch.

@JeffV I think Doug was referring back to your pic of the completed bridge.

yup. This fourm is not the easiest layout to navigate.

Hitting the old dirt roads in East Uniacke on our way to Long Lake.

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Sorry, Doug.

It’s on the way down to Suzie’s Lake (whopper) couple hundred meters in from the entrance to Lake Loop.

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Nice classic Kona there! 1997?

Great little vid of the not-so-secret singletrack (aka Line 25 aka IPA Loop) down past the far end of Shubie.


Yeah about that year. We have three from that era in our families fleet. They make great cheap entry level bikes and gravel grinders.

Great improvement on this hole in the woods. For the first time I actually rode it! I also found some of the new stuff at the entrance/exit to these trails. Lots of potential in there. A few fun rollers!

Strava from today

Thanks for posting this @landandwater, I forgot to take a picture. More than a little wiped from scraping under fallen trees for loose rocks.

Big thanks to @wayners for helping me pull it all together with those stringers!

Great job Jeff!

Thanks, Ken.

It pales in comparison to your beauty at the Cob.