2018/19 Winter Trail Conditions


I couldn’t imagine riding in the woods anywhere this weekend. Even the crusher dust at Shubie was soggy and full of puddles.

Anyone have any ideas? I suppose parts of Fight are good but lots is unrideable too


Road. Bike.


Skatepark. Actually, I really haven’t done a skatepark ride in a while. Might have to do that next week.

If the rain takes the snow and ice off it, the Cole Harbour paved bike path might be an option.



No. Thanks



I saw a ride on Strava from Norrawarren…I can’t imagine it was a good ride…but…?


Flipside is great right now if you like ice and more ice! Better have studs and get it while it’s frozen.


Same at Spider/Skull.


Same at wrandees.


Nine Mile was excellent last night- almost all ice and some hard frozen snow. Studs a must!


Evil Birch at Kearney Lake Road Quarry was a bit icy on Sun Mar 17. It shouldn’t take long to melt. I think it would be alright for fatties or studs but not skinny tires.


Rode Keppoch yesterday, it’s ice and hard snow. Studs 100% required.


Pretty soggy and soft on spots for bowater so went to get some k on pipelines and fireroads.


just rode NoraWarren, trail is muddy but still rideable and snow in some spots


Just a reminder… if the trail is soft enough to leave a tire track while riding you may be damaging trails.

If the trails are soft instead maybe find some granite or crusher dust or urban fun.


Daminion, flipside, Susie q, lake loop, death march and fire roads are still covered with hard ice carpet must be riden early morning or - temps only.


My trails near Woodville are ridable but the links seem covered in snow or ice.


Still lots of ice at Bowater if you’re looking for a place that won’t destroy your studs.


Doing some road riding for a bit, and Fight until the trails deice and thaw out.

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